A new commitment

Posted in From the States on March 20, 2012 by Billy

Follow my roommates and I on our dance journey to benefit the Center for Homeless.



Another work day

Posted in From the States on February 29, 2012 by Billy


Another work day here on Molokai.


Posted in From the States, Furniture on January 14, 2011 by Billy

Tom’s bed is coming along.  Stain, clear coat, and assembly are done. He has his mattress in place and we are now starting to put the leather in place.  We figure the 2 of us walking into Hobby Lobby and wandering the fabric isle must be pretty odd site. 

New Door

Posted in Around the House, From the States on January 14, 2011 by Billy

Technically the new door started last weekend with an axe in the wall.  No better way to commit to a project than create a mess.  Reminds me of the days with Sam down in Birmingham starting the twin bathroom rebuild at the same time; 2 toilets and no sinks for a year.  At least I have no pool and warm weather to distract me.

Let it snow

Posted in Around the House, From the States on January 10, 2011 by Billy

A big snow has the driveway full and deck loaded down with almost 20”.  The last few days the sun has been out and starting the melt off.  Massive ice cycles are starting to form like stalactites hanging from a cave ceiling reaching to connect to the ground and grow outward. 

Pork tornados

Posted in Around the House, From the States on December 20, 2010 by Billy

The last dinner before heading north pushed pork grilling to a new level. A little tribute back to the Horizon Design Christmas party in Alabama and a superb dinner almost 4 years ago now. A small gathering awaits grilled pork fillets pan fried with a panko crust served on a bed of wild rice and white wine mushroom sauce.  It was good, and has me wishing for another plate full even now as I reminisce here for all to imagine. 

Around the house

Posted in Around the House, From the States, Furniture on December 19, 2010 by Billy

The project of 3 beds is outgrowing the workshop up at the big house so thus our garage is turning into a sanding shed.  An hour to preheat the space brings it up to a bearable temperature while the wind drifts the snow around in a cool 12 degrees.  It would be just great if it was a warm spring day to work outside on this kind of work; the dust coming out of these sanders fills the space with a hazy cloud.  When we are each wearing dust masks and ear phones the world outside the boards and sander just fades away.  My time estimations for these projects are fading fast. I had hoped to be finished with 1 to take north to my aunt, but everything is just taking longer. 

            The time is a great chance to think and disappear into a mental world.  I don’t know what Tom and Johnny are pondering, but I know the sanding world disappears and I am lost in a collection of details for the steps ahead. The guys are doing great along the way.  We’ll see if they’ll be carving the trees up after this project.

Tom has already taken on the art of cutting and splitting firewood.  Yesterday a tree laid across the hill and now Garret just finished filling the rack with all we split.  There is another up the hill further that rides the property line I share with mom and dad.  We might actually gather from their driveway, but it should fill both of the new racks and leave more for piling for next year.  It’s bigger around than my saw can cut through so rolling those drums around the yard should be quite a task.  Looking forward to making the best out of the next snow melt.